quality to space
We give … quality to space
character to space
We give ... character to space
function to space.
We give … function to space.
light to space
We give ... light to space

Interior design that expresses your personality.

Only the skilful combination of each individual part will create a harmonious whole, an overall picture that can convey character, trigger emotions and radiate individuality. Imaginative creativity as a medium to develop space for stories!

ROOM2 will get to know the story of yourself or of your enterprise, then apply it to your home, your business, your restaurant or hotel.

Expertise, empathy and a sense of aesthetics all place the focus firmly upon the person. Forms, colours and light become indispensable pillars of a concept that will leave its extraordinary mark in every corner.


ROOM2 will take on the design of your private or business premises, from the floor plan right down to the smallest detail, ensuring that every element is in perfect symbiosis with all the others, thus complementing each other in unique style. When interior design takes on space, personality takes on shape.


Via Bolzano 78
39011 Lana (BZ) Italy
+39 0473 326204
design@ room2.it

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